Great Ideas to Help You Blog More Starting Right Now

I want to explain some great ideas to help you publish more blog posts on your business or personal brand website.  This information will help you if you recently have started a blog but for some reason have stopped posting anything new.  Maybe you have become discouraged because you are not generating new ideas, or maybe you have many ideas but don’t know how to organize them.

You must set aside time to blog

The number one thing you must do to blog more is carve out the time to blog!  There is debate over how many posts you need to make the most of your blog and attract customers. Some bloggers recommend 20 posts a month.  Others will suggest at least three times a week. The more posts you publish the more customers you can attract and the more Google will index your website.

Indexing in a fancy way of saying Google is looking at your website to understand when it should appear in search results.  I have read that posting once a month is the minimum to get Google to index your website.

It is up to you how often you post, but the best advice is to blog as much as you can.  This might be challenging if you live a busy life.  But I want you to know there is a variety.  Just as there is a variety in topics and word counts among blogs there is variety in publishing schedules. I would recommend at least once a month, to gain the benefits of Google indexing, but attempt to blog at least once a week.

After you decide how many posts you are attempting to publish a month your next step is to figure out what you will blog about.  I have run into two problem.  Either I have to few topics to blog about, or I have so many ideas but don’t have a good way to organize them.

Create an editorial calendar

One solution to help you organize your ideas is creating an editorial calendar.  This is a way to pre-plan your month.  Whether you are planning to blog everyday, once a week, three times a week, twice a month, or once a month an editorial calendar can help organize your post schedule.

Check out The Easy-to-Use Tool that Helps You Build a Breakthrough Blog by Zack Grossbart and Justin Evans.  This is a great source for information on editorial calendars.

How to get started with an editorial calendar

When setting up an editorial calendar you have a lot of options.  You can do this in Google calendars, purchase a monthly planner, or use a plugin.  Please feel free to use what you are comfortable with to plan a schedule for your posts. Personally I enjoy using a paper planner.  I have a thin monthly planner that I use, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my bag or on my desk.

Creating Post ideas

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how organized you are if you can’t come up with ideas to blog about. I’m going to offer you many useful ideas to get you started.

Use a variety of formatting styles:
  • video post
  • written post
  • podcast post

Choose one topic and expand it over many posts.  Sometimes you have a great topic, but you use it up in one blog post.  Try expanding your topic into subcategories.  You can really go into detail over many posts.  This simplifies the search for new topics.

Try daily themes. For each day of the week choose a theme that you can repeat each week.  For example, every Monday could be Meaty Mondays where you post a real in-depth blog post.  Tuesdays could be Teaching Tuesdays where you teach your readers something new.  You get the idea!

Want to learn more?

Check out this great article How To Boost Success With A Content Marketing Editorial Calendar by Garret Moon.

I want to hear from you!

How do you organize your posts?

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