One Good Reason to Start a Blog for Your Business or Personal Brand

Maybe you’re on the fence about starting a blog for your business or personal brand.  I want to explain how a blog will benefit your business or personal brand by establishing your authority.

Blogs establish your expertise, or authority

You want your business to be a valuable source of information. Blogs are a great way to give your customers something valuable.  Blogs establish your expertise, or authority.  They show your potential customers that you have knowledge about a topic. You’re the expert in their eyes, you’re the professional.

Establishing authority is important for businesses and individuals who want to get their products, business name, services, or ideas out on the web.  If your website ranks, or shows up, in the first results from a search engine people will think, “Hey they are the experts.”

Blogs help attract more traffic to your website

Blogs can help attract more traffic which means more potential customers. Google indexes, or searches websites, for keywords.  These keywords are used to help rank websites in search engines. A blog can include many keywords to help Google when indexing.  This helps your business or personal brand rank higher in search engines.  For example, a computer repair business could blog about different areas of repair.  Now more keywords about computer repair are added to their website.  This makes it easier for Google to determine what your website is about.  When potential customers are searching for computer repairs your blog posts will show up and increase traffic to your website.

Why establish authority?

Authority is one key component in persuasion.  You want people to come to your site and be persuaded to buy your products or services over what your competitors offer.

Establishing authority with a blog can be especially useful to put you ahead of your competitors.  For example, imagine you are a customer looking for a freelance writer.  You are browsing two writer’s websites.  They both look promising but one of them has a blog they update regularly.  You read some of their posts and realize they have a great understanding of their profession. So, you end up hiring them.

Not all customers based their hire or purchases on blogs, but a blog can give you an edge over another business who doesn’t run a blog.

A blog can also be great to establish your authority while you are starting out.  New businesses might not have the client base or track record to attract new customers.  One way to boost potential customer exposure is maintaining a blog.  Again, this will help establish your business or personal brand as a source of valuable information for potential customers.

Check out some successful business blogs

Look the list of successful business blogs compiled for 2017.  Here are two of my favorites:

Check out a successful personal blog

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Want more reasons to start a blog?

Learn more by checking out 10 Reasons You Should Start Blogging by Micheal B. Fishbein.

I would love to hear from you!

Are you considering a blog to promote your business or personal brand, what would inspire you to get one?

If you already have a blog, what reasons inspired you to get started?

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